Casting the Spell (Julie Bogart)

As we jump into our exploration of the Superpowers for education, let's remind ourselves that learning to use them is a process. 

The Brave Learner is the deep work. It’s giving yourself time and permission to re-imagine how your children’s interests actually connect.

What The Brave Learner seeks to do, and what we are doing here in the Alliance, is not "teaching you how to implement the Brave Learner way of learning." It is about helping you "change the criteria" for how you see and stage your homeschool.

It is that shift in criteria that will help you discover what you want your homeschool to be. But that shift takes time. It requires you to wrestle with the ideas we are discussing. To figure out whether they work in your family and how to make them your own.

Allow yourself to be in observation mode for a little while (of yourself and your kids). You don’t need to immediately act on any of these ideas. Resist the urge to jump immediately into "doing" All The Things, and let yourself simply "be" with these ideas and see what they reveal to you.

The introduction to Part Two of The Brave Learner reminds us to "go slow to go fast" and to implement "one thing at a time" when you are making changes. 

  • Download the excerpt below to read more about how to invest in your homeschool "one thing at a time," so you can create more space and energy to provide a "quality education to your kids, not just a harried one." 
  • Print page 13 of The Brave Learner Companion Guideand write your "One Thing" in the picture frame. Post it where you'll see it often to keep you focused on just that one thing. 

As Julie says, "sometimes the most sacred moments in our days with our children show no outward educational value."

Download The Brave Learner: Casting The Spell - Jule Bogart

Posted March 1st, 2019
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