Podcast: Amy Ludwig VanDerwater Poet Interview

Image of Amy Ludwig VanDerwater by Melissa Deakin

To get warmed up for our Poetry Workshop with Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, listen to her interview with Julie for a Poetry Teatime episode of the Brave Writer podcast in 2016. As Julie describes: 

"Her poetry is delicious—like a strawberry smoothie or a fresh mint lemonade. She brings vowels and consonants together in ways that leave the mouth happy and satisfied."

You may notice that her recommendations for approaching writing and poetry with children sound quite familiar! Definitely a kindred spirit. 

Read the write-up for the original podcast and you can also find an interview with Amy on the Poetry Teatime website. 

Find Amy online:  

  • At her author website: amyludwigvanderwater.com—where you can find out all about her books.
  • On Instagram 
  • At Sharing Our Notebooks—where she invites notebookers of all types to share their notebooks! (Didn't we say she was a kindred spirit?)
  • At The Poem Farm—a safe place for children to explore poems, and a place for teachers to find poetry teaching ideas.

Listen to the audio: ( link )

Posted April 1st, 2018
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