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In this portion of the Homeschool Alliance, members are challenged to include one non-traditional enrichment activity into their homeschools. Themes range from experiments with weather to backyard games to poetry to candle making! Each month's theme has three levels of challenge so you can do the "one star" level and feel pride of success if you don't have time for the more advanced challenges. At the end of the month, reward yourself with a badge!

There's a library with a slew of activities, too, if you want to try some of our previous themes.

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This Month's Challenge: Mythical Creatures

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Mythical Creatures

Manticores, chimeras, pegasus...oh, my! 

"Sometimes we need to step away from our current reality in order to appreciate it." -L.E. Horn

This month you're invited to the land of imagination where stories are legendary, fantastical creatures roam, and possibilities are endless!

  • Expand your list of favorite creatures of legend
  • Discover music inspired by mythical creatures
  • Create your own unique and fabulous creatures 

These easy peasy, moderate, and advanced challenges are designed to help you and your kids explore mythical creatures through hands-on activities, videos, and resources. Try one of these challenges (or all three!), and award yourself the Mythical Creatures badge (click on your profile in the upper right corner, select badges, click on the one that goes with this challenge once you've completed it).

We encourage you to take photos of your family doing one (or more!) of this month's challenge activities. You can share pictures on the One Thing thread in Community Coaching, or post them on Instagram or Facebook. Use the hashtag #homeschoolalliance so we'll be sure to see them. 

Wave goodbye to reality for the next few weeks. 

Your adventure into the world of mythical creatures begins here!

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