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Featured Lesson: Brave Learner Book Club: The Four Capacities for Learning

Brave Learner Book Club: The Four Capacities for Learning

Join us in the Alliance as we continue our book club for Julie’s book The Brave Learner! 

This month we’ll consider how nourishing interests helps children create meaningful connections—and learn! Join us as we learn more about the Four Capacities for Learning

Curiosity, Collaboration, Contemplation, and Celebration. 

These are the nutrients of brave learning!

We'll dive deep into the following questions:

  • Why does Julie recommend we make an “outrageous presumption of curiosity?” 
  • What does it mean to collaborate by following your child “as his leader,” as Maria Montessori suggests? 
  • How do we help children move from curiosity to contemplative learning? 
  • How does celebration of sincere effort lead children to risk challenging themselves? How do these questions apply to older kids and teens?

Let’s talk about how to implement the Four Capacities for Learning as we focus on helping our kids sustain their interests and get the academics they need!

Apr 01, 2019 Capacity 1: Curiosity

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