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We like to call this section: "Grad school for home school!"

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Featured Lesson: Learning How to Learn

Learning How to Learn

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This month, you are in for a treat! Barb Oakley, PhD in mechanical engineering and author of A Mind for Numbers, is joining us to talk about her new book for junior and senior high kids: Learning How to Learn

We are so lucky to have her. She spends most of her time flitting around from Stockholm to Shanghai and Taipei to Tempe. Her expertise on learning is so in demand, she is never home!

Learning How to Learn brings all that amazing brain research we've been discussing in the Homeschool Alliance to your kids, in manageable language with fantastic metaphors and practices that help them feel powerful in their learning tasks.

We'll read a couple chapters this month in the Alliance and then Barb will join us for a webinar on Monday August 20, 7:00 PM ET to share with you all the wonderfulness of her brilliant insights. 

The hope is that your kids will become insightful about their own learning practices so they feel like academic powerhouses!

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