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We like to call this section: "Grad school for home school!"

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Featured Lesson: Partnering with Your Teens for a Great Future

Partnering with Your Teens for a Great Future

When you think about homeschooling the teen years, what comes to mind? Transcripts, GPAs, credit hours, SATs, ACTs, AP classes, college applications?

What if we told you that you could get curious and excited about seeing how this will all unfold for your teen, rather than feeling like it is test you are going to pass or fail? Would you believe us?

No matter how long you have been homeschooling, when you hit the teen years, it is natural to feel knocked off-center. Come explore how to navigate the tension between what you know to be true about how your kids learn best and traditional "high school expectations." 

As a special treat, Julie's daughter Johannah Bogart will join us for our webinar on Tuesday December 11 at 7:00 PM ET. Johannah comes to us as a certified life coach who works with young adults and creatives who want to get unstuck and cross the finish line on their goals.

She will lead us in a discussion of how to “coach” our teens into a vision of a life they prefer and will help us learn ways to open conversations or ask questions that make them more likely to share. She’s got amazing tools and her own experiences (as a homeschooled person!) to share.

For Allies who desire an even deeper dive into partnering with our teens, check out Brave Writer Resources for Homeschooling Teens where we have compiled some of our favorite teen-oriented master class lessons, articles, and videos in one easy place.

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