In this portion of the Homeschool Alliance, members are challenged to include one non-traditional enrichment activity into their homeschools. Themes range from experiments with weather to backyard games to poetry to candle making! Each month's theme has three levels of challenge so you can do the "one star" level and feel pride of success if you don't have time for the more advanced challenges. At the end of the month, reward yourself with a badge!

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This Month's Challenge: Bees, Please

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Bees, Please

This month, let's get into a buzz about bees!

We'll soon enter a season of pollination in many parts of the world, and bees play a vital role in the growth of plants that provide us with foods, flowers, and more. They're so small, they often go unnoticed. They are much more visible in certain seasons, so we have to pay attention when bees are out and about.

Do your kids understand that honey comes from bees? Have they been exposed to the intricacies of harvesting honey? Have they ever made or decorated candles with real beeswax? Have they experienced making art with crayons made partially from beeswax? 

Often, "the sting is the thing" that kids know about bees. Do they know how to help if someone is allergic to bee stings? Do they know how to make bee stings less likely? Do they know the "good side" of bees or about the different types of bees? Have your kids learned about threats to our important bee population? 

Join us in our three One Thing challenges to learn about bees this month. Pick up your Bees badge to show you completed the Bees, Please challenges! 


May 01, 2019 A Taste of Honey
May 01, 2019 Harvesting Honey
May 01, 2019 Field Trip: Bee There!

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