In this portion of the Homeschool Alliance, members are challenged to include one non-traditional enrichment activity into their homeschools. Themes range from experiments with weather to backyard games to poetry to candle making! Each month's theme has three levels of challenge so you can do the "one star" level and feel pride of success if you don't have time for the more advanced challenges. At the end of the month, reward yourself with a badge!

There's a library with a slew of activities, too, if you want to try some of our previous themes.

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This Month's Challenge: Nature Nurture

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Nature Nurture

Back to Nature

This month we'll focus on nurturing an awareness of nature in our children. Let's go outside, and let's bring some elements of the natural world into our homes.

Regardless of where we live, there are aspects of nature we can notice, learn about, and enjoy. Join us in trying three simple practices loved by many homeschoolers and common to multiple approaches to homeschooling. 

The creatures of the sea, land, and sky extend their welcome; let's head out! 

Post Your Photos

You can post pictures on the One Thing thread in Community Coaching, or post them on Instagram or Facebook. Use the hashtag #homeschoolalliance, so we'll be sure to see them. 

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Try one of this month's nature challenges, and award yourself the Nature Nurture badge if you complete all three. (Click on your profile in the upper right corner, select badges, and click on the one that goes with this challenge once you've completed the three activities).

Scroll down to see the one-, two-, and three-star challenges, and have fun!


Oct 01, 2018 Nature Walk
Oct 01, 2018 Nature Journal
Oct 01, 2018 Nature Table

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