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This Month's Challenge: Book Love

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Book Love

By the Book!

This month, our One Thing challenges center around a celebration of books. With our kids, we'll make some simple book accessories to recognize our connection to the books we love.

With Julie's book, The Brave Learnerpublished this month, we thought it was a perfect time to think about books that have shaped our homeschooling, books we have loved reading with our children, and books our kids and teens have read under the covers and late into the night.

Plus, for those who pay attention to Valentine's Day, it's a month of love, and what do homeschoolers love more than books? Judging by our library fines and sagging bookshelves, we have a loving and long-lasting relationship with our books! 

Let's celebrate the stacks of books on our nightstands and coffee tables! 


Feb 01, 2019 Bookmarks
Feb 01, 2019 Bookplate
Feb 01, 2019 Dust Jacket

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