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This Month's Challenge: Be Prepared!

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Be Prepared!

It Happens Fast

Let's face it; emergencies happen when we aren't expecting them. Preparation can make a difference, and we can help our children and ourselves with some forethought about what to do if there is a fire, a sudden illness or first aid need, a dangerous storm, or another emergency. 

Do your children have an age-appropriate knowledge of what to do and where to go in an emergency? Do your young children know who the helpers are? Do your older kids know and practice good safety measures? Do your kids know first aid? Are your teens interested in the life and work of first responders? 

This month, let's emphasize thinking about emergencies and the people and plans that can help.

Try one or more of our Alliance Be Prepared activities. We've pulled together links and ideas so emergency prep can be your One Thing this month!

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If you take photos of you or your kids doing one of the Be Prepared challenge activities, you can post pictures on the One Thing thread in Community Coaching, or post them on Instagram or Facebook. Use the hashtag #homeschoolalliance so we'll be sure to see them.

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Try one of this month's Be Prepared challenges (or all three!), and award yourself the Maps badge (click on your profile in the upper right corner, select badges, click on the one that goes with this challenge once you've completed the three activities).

Let's help our families Be Prepared in case of the unexpected. 


Aug 01, 2018 Emergency 911
Aug 01, 2018 Make a Plan
Aug 01, 2018 Connect with Helpers

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