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This Month's Challenge: Family History

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Family History

It's All Relative

This month we'll focus on family history. Families come in all shapes and sizes, but knowledge about previous generations is easily forgotten. Sometimes savoring our current family connections also gets lost in making a living and homeschooling our children. Join us in helping children discover more about their family through our three challenges to learn more about One Thing this month.  

Some of us may have families of choice or "found families." The people we gather around us to nurture ourselves and our children are worthy of celebration and deeper understanding. Feel free to adapt One Thing challenges to reflect your unique family situation.

Studies show that children who have connections with relatives have a stronger sense of emotional well-being. Children are also able to get a stronger sense for history and current events as they hear stories from their grandparents or picture their cousins' lives in the context of place and time. 

Scroll down to see the one-, two-, and three-star Family History challenges.

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You can post your Family History-inspired pictures on the One Thing thread in Community Coaching, or post them on Instagram or Facebook. Use the hashtag #homeschoolalliance, so we'll be sure to see them. 

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Try one of this month's Family History challenges, and award yourself the Family History badge if you complete all three. (Click on your profile in the upper right corner, select badges, and click on the one that goes with this challenge once you've completed the three activities).

Let's celebrate and learn from our families this month! 


Dec 01, 2018 Family Tree
Dec 01, 2018 Family Photo
Dec 01, 2018 Family Stories

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