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There's a library with a slew of activities, too, if you want to try some of our previous themes.

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This Month's Challenge: Rube Goldberg

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Rube Goldberg

Chain Reactions

Let's look at the fun and physics of Rube Goldberg machines this month. explains that a Rube Goldberg contraption is "a machine (or contraption or invention or device or apparatus) that uses a chain reaction to accomplish a very simple task in a very complicated manner."

Kids love to create and watch chain reactions. Rube Goldberg machines help kids figure out cause and effect, and building a Rube Goldberg machine exercises creativity and engineering. We'll watch some awesome Rube Goldberg videos, try a simple domino cascade, and make suggestions for building a Rube Goldberg contraption with your kids. They'll see all kinds of simple machines at work!  

Try one or more of our Alliance Rube Goldberg activities. We've pulled together links and ideas so Rube Goldberg can be your One Thing this month! 

Post Photos or Video in the Alliance or on Instagram

If you take photos of you or your kids doing one of the Rube Goldberg challenge activities, you can post pictures on the One Thing thread in Community Coaching, or post them on Instagram or Facebook. Use the hashtag #homeschoolalliance so we'll be sure to see them. 

Some of your kids might want to share video of their contraptions! Post a link to video you've uploaded to YouTube or a similar platform if you want to share. Here's one example of video of a kid's Rube Goldberg machine.

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Try one of this month's Rube Goldberg challenges (or all three!), and award yourself the Rube Goldberg badge (click on your profile in the upper right corner, select badges, click on the one that goes with this challenge once you've completed the three activities).

Have fun!


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