Guided Literature Discussion #


Target audience

  • Homeschool parents
  • Co-op teachers
  • Interested adults!
  • Teens who can’t stay away…!

Required text

  • A Room with a View; By E.M. Forster
My (Julie’s) favorite book of all time!

What happens when an uptight spinster chaperone and her naive youthful charge embark on a trip to Florence? Why, they discover love and music, art and the gods! Of course this cast of characters fall into all kinds of muddles (in particular, a muddle that involves a good-looking young British chap and a kiss!) which lead them home to England, where the entire family and a good natured cleric sort things out.

You won’t want to miss discussing the dozens of witty remarks Forster makes in this genuinely warm, romantic, philosophical novel set in early 20th century Italy and England!


The goal of this class is to enable parents to participate in a book discussion that explores the vocabulary of literary analysis in a relaxed, pressure-free environment. Parents can learn how to support their teens in reading literature for more than plot. In Brave Writer, we talk about “Big Juicy Conversations.” This class will be one long delicious conversation about Lucy Honeychurch, Mr. George Emerson, and a cast of memorable characters.

That said, if you have a teen who would love to discuss this fabulous book, by all means sign him or her up! We’re happy to have high school students in this class as well.

Terms of analysis

  • Plot
  • Theme
  • Literary allusion
  • Irony
  • Characterization
  • Author asides
  • Setting
  • Dialog
  • Conflict

…and more. If you would like to experience what it’s like in our Boomerang Book Club or would like to be able to lead discussions like the ones we hold there, or if you are the kind of adult who salivates for a good book group conversation, this is the right month long class for you!

We’ll also take a look at how the book stacks up against the Merchant-Ivory film (same name) if you are able to see it (not required).

I hope you’ll take advantage of this (our lowest priced) class so that you’ll feel prepared and ready to lead these kinds of discussions with your kids. We’ll provide you with materials to use for your own book selections in the coming year.

Hope you’ll join us!