Do your kids learn best while embracing discovery and surprise?

Are homemade volcanoes, paper airplanes, and animal behavior your child’s thing?

Looking for writing activities that allow your kids to get dirty, stay curious, and have adventures?

We have the class for you!

Watch kids engage in the science-based writing project of their choice.

Each participant will choose a topic, research it, create an experiment (if they’d like), then record discoveries in a piece of science writing. In the end, you have a polished writing project for your portfolio or the science fair. 


Class Overview

Made With You in Mind

Got writing resistance? The Middle School Writing series offers maximum flexibility! Your kids will pick both the project topic AND format that suits them best.

Our instructors offer warm, supportive, creative feedback that will walk your kids from the initial topic choice through to the finished report.

Some of the benefits of this class include:

  • Professional development for YOU. You’ll observe experienced teacher feedback to help you become a better writing coach for your kids.
  • Research skills. Students practice research skills and learn how to properly identify credible sources.
  • Embracing inter-connectedness. We hone skills in writing across the curriculum, narrowing chosen subjects, and determining subtopics.
  • Critical thinking. Students determine what is relevant, searching for appropriate details to support their hypothesis.

Let your kids delve into the bigger curiosities they’ve been pondering—in writing! 

What about formats?

Do we want middlers to start navigating formats? Yes! Are they ready for essays? No. 

That’s why we start with smaller, more accessible formats first. We want them to understand that a format in writing acts as a container for the original thoughts that the writer brings to the topic

In Middle School Writing: Science Projects, they’ll get to try formats out!

We offer students five format options for their project:

  • Newspaper Article
  • Science Fair Entry
  • Photo Album
  • Lapbook
  • Interview

The ones they don’t choose? Print out the guidelines from the classroom and do the rest at your leisure!  Next month’s writing curriculum--check!

Week by Week

Week One

Ask Like a Scientist. Students take on the scientist’s work as they craft a hypothesis to test or a science-based inquiry to pursue.

Week Two

Think Like a Scientist. Students research to investigate a myriad of sources. Freewriting activities help to get the raw writing on the page. Once initial writing is in place, students expand their research to fill in gaps in their knowledge.

Week Three

Explore Like a Scientist. It's time to design and carry out a formal experiment on the topic of choice or compile data to complete the inquiry.

Week Four

Share Like a Scientist. The week when all the hard work pays off: Students put a final polish on the writing and talk about different ways to publish and find readers.

Registration Details

Join Us!

$199.00 per student
Recommended Ages:

9 - 14

Class Size:
25 students
Class Length:
4 weeks
Class Type:
  • Middle School
  • Upper Elementary

Select from the available class dates below to register for that session:

Valerie Yoder   Registration opens Jul. 22nd at noon ET

Word on the Street

My writing got really great over these four weeks, and I learned a lot about circuits, so I count it as a success!

Joe, 11

I LEARNED SO MUCH about things that I didn't know about snowboarding!!! I really enjoyed it. 

Rowan, 12

My understanding of writing changed. I used to think of writing as just long opinion, informational, or fantasy essays. Now I see it can be a combination of writing and science, writing and social studies, etc. 

Zoe, 10

When I wrote a paragraph about cheetahs, I changed it every time after reading over it.  Little by little my paragraphs became better and better. 

Charlie, 11

More Information

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