Give us your scribblers, 
Doodlers and pun-makers!

Give us your fanciful word-count defiers,
Those who want to be expert grown writers!

Give us those who tell the most detailed stories,
Who fill all their journals in dizzying flurries.

Gather round to enjoy a Passion for Fiction,
For those who crave words, it’s the perfect prescription!

Class Overview

Made With You in Mind

Do you have a child who loves writing? 

Passion for Fiction is designed for kids who can’t stop writing or who are dying to write stories but would like a little guidance. 

This class is not for reluctant writers. It’s for the kids who fill their journals or start new stories on the computer almost daily or imagine full-scale fantasies but have no audience.

Students won’t submit a completed work of fiction in this class. We isolate specific skills using exercises and writing processes to enhance their fiction-writing prowess. Students will have the tools to create, revise, and edit a full-length story after class is done.

Why a fiction class? 

What are your students learning when they write and revise fiction? Glad you asked!

  • Attention to detail: word choice, analysis
  • Clarity: ideas that translate well 
  • Voice: knowing your audience and appropriate tone
  • Structure: formats, paragraphs, chapters
  • Planning: research, vision of the piece
  • Point of view: inhabiting different perspectives

And more!

We consider fiction writing essential preparation for writing a persuasive argument, timed reflection essays, or college admissions papers.

Writers need community.

Kids want EXPERIENCES, not just assignments. We see the biggest impact when students get to fully participate in the stuff of life, together! Our aspiring fiction writers need a place to share their enthusiasm.

This class offers a unique student-to-student conversation space for young writers to share their words! 

Whether you live in a rural location, are traveling abroad or are homebound, there’s a community for your young writer, only a click away, every day. 

Audio Tracks Available!

You've been asking for a way to support your struggling readers, and we heard you loud and clear! You have the option to add on audio tracks of all class readings for $49. Your child can now listen as they read, strengthening those developing reading skills and deepening understanding!

Week by Week

Week One

Students begin reflecting on goals and experiences as writers. They’ll practice freewriting, the essential tool used across the four weeks to explore different aspects of fiction writing.

Week Two

Vivid description of people (specifically names, bodies, and other character-creation details), scenery, and buildings takes center stage this week. Students implement strong writing craft to write about a memory.

Week Three

Students use freewriting and notebooking to delve into two elements of strong fiction writing: innovative use of language and authentic dialogue. 

Week Four

Plot is king in any good fiction story, and this week will focus on that all-important story arc. Students use the structure of action-background-development-climax-ending (ABDCE) to structure an original story.

Registration Details

Join Us!

$239.00 per student
Recommended Ages:

11 - 18

Class Size:
25 students
Class Length:
4 weeks
Class Type:
  • High School
  • Middle School

Select from the available class dates below to register for that session:

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Word on the Street

I set out in this class to find a better understanding of the narrative structure and compelling character development. Thankfully I learned just that, and this class helped me understand how to lay out a good story. 

Owen, 14

I went from not describing things clearly to having a new understanding of descriptive scenes. It really blew my mind!

Amyra, 16

I learned that sharing my work doesn't have to be terrifying, that sharing my writing with people can help me grow and learn.

Annabelle, 14

Now that I know how to write a plot, I'm going to try my hand at fiction writing again! 

Jordan, 16

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