Brave Writer

Brave Writer® 101: Guided Writing Process facilitates a thorough journey through the writing process. From idea generation and observation to freewriting, revision, and editing—this class provides parents and students the tools to complete any writing project in an age-appropriate manner. 

The foundation for the class is the natural stage of growth in writing each writer inhabits, indicating levels of partnership they need from a writing coach to write with a minimum of frustration. Students choose topics for writing and learn to mine their own thoughts and wrestle them to the page in a way that is compelling to read. 

The Brave Writer® writing coach partners with the adult at home to teach how to give effective feedback and grow the writing without crushing the writer’s enthusiasm. The writing process and coaching method presented in this class are meant to be used again and again for a myriad of writing projects outside the realm of the class itself. 


Week One


Share the needs and challenges that you and your child have over writing and get individualized help from your coach. Next, you and your kids play a game to learn about how writers communicate. 

Week Two


Wish your kids would generate deeper insights? More vivid descriptions? Feel like they have no fuel for writing? We practice finding things to say and putting them into words on the page.

Week Three


We introduce a magical process that liberates so many kids. Freewriting puts your kids in the driver’s seat. This week shocks so many parents: wow, my kid is WRITING! 

Week Four

Readiness for Revision

The writing process gets tense for parents when feedback is warranted. Watch our writing coach approach your child’s writing with constructive advice and gentle encouragement.

Week Five


Learn how to revise by doing it—with our help. We cover different ways you and your child can improve a piece of writing of their choice. Without any tears!

Week Six


The final polish. We started with raw communication (the essence of writing) and we’ll finish by making that priceless jewel shine! 

Common Core and Academic Standards Support

What follows is a word bank and set of skills associated with this class. Use them to craft your own learning narrative for use in year-end evaluations, charter school reports, or any other accountability source.

Word Bank

  • Accuracy
  • Alliteration
  • Audience
  • Dialogue
  • Editing
  • Figurative language
  • Freewriting
  • Narration
  • Opening hook
  • Observation
  • Revision
  • Simile
  • Vivid detail
  • Voice

Core Skills

  • Edit writing for standard English usage
  • Employ strong verbs to create clear images
  • Employ vivid detail to engage readers
  • Generate topics for narrative writing
  • Maintain distinct writer’s voice
  • Narrate a personal experience
  • Open writing with a compelling hook
  • Research and absorb material for writing
  • Revise writing for added clarity and engagement
  • Utilize figurative language to connect with readers
  • Write detailed, organized, structured original narratives
  • Write for a particular audience
  • Write in stream-of-consciousness style