Brave Writer

Fan Fiction guides students through the writing process of crafting a work of fan fiction. Students move through the process of idea generation, freewriting, revision, and editing to produce a piece they can share with a wider audience. Within that process, students do deeper study on plot, character development, setting, dialogue, creating tension, climax, and resolution as they pertain to the fan fiction genre. 

Writing fan fiction involves the creation of stories and books around already existing characters from a previously published work of literature or other art forms. While this type of story cannot be published for profit as the characters belong to the original author, students learn a great deal about the fiction writing process from writing fan fiction.


Week One

Students begin with an examination of fan fiction and uncover common patterns in these types of stories. 

Week Two

A dual focus this week on character study and plot development as students outline their first story.

Week Three

Students write a flash fan fiction one-shot (short story of 1000 words or less) through first draft, peer and instructor feedback, and final draft.

Week Four

Students finish with a longer fan fiction one-shot or chapter of a longer work (2000-5000 words).

Common Core and Academic Standards Support

What follows is a word bank and set of skills associated with this class. Use them to craft your own learning narrative for use in year-end evaluations, charter school reports, or any other accountability source.

Word Bank

  • Analysis
  • Character development
  • Editing
  • Opening hook
  • Plot
  • Revision
  • Sequencing
  • Setting
  • Story arc
  • Surprise
  • Theme
  • Vivid detail
  • Writing craft
  • Writer’s voice

Core Skills

  • Analyze structure of story text
  • Craft an opening hook that compels the reader
  • Craft an ending that surprises and resolves
  • Craft original writing from an established fiction world
  • Determine central ideas and themes
  • Edit for standard English conventions and word limits
  • Identify patterns in fan fiction text
  • Revise writing for clarity, flow, order, interest, and economy of language
  • Study narrative arc: action, background, development, climax, resolution
  • Utilize vivid detail in description
  • Write detailed, organized, structured original narratives