• Time off between classes for burnout-busting writing breaks
  • Progression of coursework that builds essential skills
  • Variety of writing genres to progress toward full writing fluency


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Elementary classes are designed for students ages 5-10 and their parents.

All elementary classes are family classes. Learn more about them here.

In a family class, you can enroll multiple children for one price! Enroll one student now and write to us at [email protected] to open additional seats as needed.

For upper elementary students (ages 9 and above) who are handwriting with relative ease and are ready for an independent experience, opt for our Middle School Semester.

2024-08-26 -   Nature Journaling 2024-10-14 - Elementary Writing  Story Switcheroo

Words in the Wild

Nature Journaling

Elementary Writing: Story Switcheroo

$378.00 $328.00

The elementary years are full of creative ideas and delightful scenarios! Wild plots, crazy characters, and surreal elements abound in the imagination of a child. No concept is too unreal and no story too fantastical.

And our best ideas can be found outside, in nature.

It’s tempting to think that children this age are not equipped to be writers because of their developing mechanical skills. Myth busted! Children don’t need to perfect mechanics before they can write. These are the very best years to write. Join this cohort as a family and see how.

2024-09-23 -   Groovy Grammar Workshop 2024-11-11 - Elementary Writing  Animal Stories

Young Wordsmiths

Groovy Grammar Workshop

Elementary Writing: Animal Stories

$428.00 $378.00

Words are the building blocks of language. What better way to learn than to PLAY with those blocks?

Our unconventional activities introduce students to the more concrete elements of writing without stifling their creativity. We show how grammar, literary devices, and vocabulary can accentuate a writer’s ideas and imagination. Perfect for families who want a foundation in the enjoyment of language.

Recommended for ages 9 and up.

2024-10-07 - Elementary Writing  Telling Tales 2024-11-18 -   Shakespeare Family Workshop

Gentle Literary Journey

Elementary Writing: Telling Tales

Shakespeare Family Workshop

$378.00 $328.00

If you’ve ever wondered how you’ll tackle literature outside your comfort zone, here’s our secret: do it while your kids are young and open to experimenting!

You might be intimidated, but they aren’t yet. The elementary years are prime time to stretch into genres previously known as “hard.” This whimsical pairing introduces you and your child to engaging stories and Shakespeare! We learn a lot about writing when we read widely, exploring the ways that language can twist and turn.

Middle school classes are designed for students ages 9-14.

Classes in these cohorts are either:

  • independent student-to-instructor interaction classes
  • parent/student partner classes (Brave Writer 101, 102, 201)

For upper elementary students who would benefit from extra parental support, opt for the Elementary Semester.

Students older than 14 who are resistant writers or writing at a remedial level are welcome to enroll in the Middle School Semester.

2024-08-26 - Brave Writer® 101 Guided Writing Process 2024-10-14 - Brave Writer® 102 Learning to Revise 2024-11-18 - Write for Fun  Dream Big

Intro to Brave Writer®

Brave Writer® 101: Guided Writing Process

Brave Writer® 102: Learning to Revise

Write for Fun: Dream Big

$597.00 $547.00

Perfect start for those new to Brave Writer or searching for a “no tears” approach that works!

At this stage your kids need more input from you, so learn our methods to use at home! With the one-on-one help of an expert coach, you'll partner with your student to walk through the entire writing process in a stress-free, engaging way. When you’re done, you’ll be able to handle drafting, edits, and revision at home on your own. Finish the semester with a fun independent writing experience for your child! 

Two words: game changer.

2024-09-09 - Middle School Writing  Science Projects 2024-10-14 -   Comic Strip Capers 2024-11-18 - Analyzing Lit  Middle School

Writing across Subjects

Middle School Writing: Science Projects

Comic Strip Capers

Analyzing Lit: Middle School

$597.00 $547.00

The answer to the question: when will I use these writing skills anyway? Writing pairs with every subject! 

Perfect for the middle grader who loves variety, information, and a concrete finished product. Pairing writing with fun topics is a much easier entry point for many students this age. Experience with different formats is essential preparation for the high school years ahead.

2024-09-09 - Write for Fun  Go Wild 2024-10-07 -   Writing a Greek Myth 2024-11-11 - Brave Writer® 201 Academic Revision

Writing Foundations

Write for Fun: Go Wild

Writing a Greek Myth

Brave Writer® 201: Academic Revision

$547.00 $497.00

Recommended for ages 11 and up.

This semester builds writing skills from the ground up. If you’ve ever felt the need to help your child “catch up,” this class provides the path.

A transition between open freewriting to the more disciplined, rhetorically-driven thinking of academic revision. Rather than simply leaving childhood writing behind, students can experiment with applying their personal flair to increasingly academic tasks.

High school classes are designed for students ages 13-18.

Classes in these cohorts are independent student-to-instructor interaction classes.

12-year-old independent writers at an advanced level of writing may enroll in the High School Semester.

High school students who are resistant writers or writing at a remedial level are welcome to enroll in the Middle School Semester.

2024-09-09 - Essay Prep  Dynamic Thinking 2024-10-14 - Essay Prep  Reading the Essay 2024-11-18 -   Movie Discussion Club

Cultivating Clarity: Thinking and Writing

Essay Prep: Dynamic Thinking

Essay Prep: Reading the Essay

Movie Discussion Club

$627.00 $577.00

These days it’s easy to confuse a sound argument with an opinion piece, a blog post, or lengthy Instagram rant. Students need to learn how to read a range of sources, evaluate arguments, and then take a position to defend intelligently, with nuance.

Bumping one’s own thinking against the greater conversation in the world is the grounding beneath good nonfiction writing. Learn to access thinking, evaluate the arguments of others, and write about it using compelling language!

Movie Discussion Club: Winter Is Coming

2024-09-03 - High School Writing  History Lab 2024-10-07 - Analyzing Lit  High School 2024-11-11 -   Passion for Fiction

The Well-Rounded Writer

High School Writing: History Lab

Analyzing Lit: High School

Passion for Fiction

$717.00 $667.00

Teens crave risk and adventure! Even in their academic pursuits. 

When your high schooler experiences a mental itch, that’s the best time to start writing.

This cohort offers a chance to apply writing skills to a variety of subjects. Students will practice academic thinking with creative thought experiments and share their writing in prescribed formats. 

A great way to tick a lot of homeschool boxes in one class!

2024-09-03 - Essay Writing 101 Analytic Essay 2024-10-07 -   Movie Discussion Club 2024-11-11 - Essay Writing 102 Persuasive Essay

Persuasion and Analysis

Essay Writing 101: Analytic Essay

Movie Discussion Club

Essay Writing 102: Persuasive Essay

$627.00 $577.00

The internet has habituated us to persuasive language, but scholarly writing requires elements that TikTok doesn’t.

This semester plan offers your teens the chance to experiment with persuasive writing tactics in the realm of essay composition and media commentary. We help them acquire the skills needed in academic persuasive writing including thesis statements, convincing structure, logical flow, compelling writing, and how to use sources correctly to avoid plagiarism.

Movie Discussion Club: Women on a Quest