What if Goldilocks's porridge had magical qualities à la Alice? Or what if she had stumbled across the homes of the 3 Pigs instead of the 3 Bears? 

Join us on a whimsical journey through the world of fairy tales, in Story Switcheroo!

In this class, we create a mixed-up land for your kids to explore. We’ll be stretching their imaginations and writing original stories and scenes from the building blocks of traditional fairy tales. We combine story elements, lighthearted writing exercises and imaginative play to introduce your child to a whole new magical world - of writing!

Our welcoming atmosphere and flexible approach makes this class a perfect fit for any age or stage, particularly for those kids in the Jot It Down phase. There is room for the whole family to join in at whatever level they feel comfortable. You can complete the assignments individually or as a family!

Parents will find this class empowering, as we use the classroom activities as opportunities to use the Brave Writer approach in your homeschool and affirm your choices as a homeschooling parent. We will implement several strategies from the Writer's Jungle and the Jot It Down curriculum. So if you are looking for a jumpstart into Brave Writer writing instruction or something the whole family can share, this is the class for you!

Families in this class will need to be stocked with fairytale stories to read! You can use books you have on hand, or pick up an anthology at your local library or bookstore. Feel free to follow what delights you and your kids since we will become good friends with these themes and characters over the month! Here are some suggestions if you are looking for a place to start:

The Blue Fairy Book - Andrew Lang

The Golden Book of Fairy Tales - Adrienne Segur

The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales - Pantheon Press

Fairy Tales (Penguin Classics) - Hans Christian Andersen

The Complete Fairy Tales (Oxford World's Classics) - Charles Perrault

The Usborne Book of Fairy Tales - Heather Amery and Stephen Cartwright

Online collection of Grimm's stories: https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~spok/grimmtmp/

Please keep in mind that fairytales can vary from slightly dark to positively jolly, so it’s up to you to select the most appropriate volume for your kids.

For more information about how the classes are run, please read about online classes.

Class Structure Description #

Brave Writer online classes are specially designed with the busy homeschooling parent in mind. Classes last anywhere from four to six weeks. We offer courses that address a specific writing need so that you can take the ones that suit your family throughout the school year. Short class sessions enable you to work around family vacations, out-of-town swim meets, recovering from wisdom teeth removal, and visits from grandparents. We operate on the quarter system, including a summer session. Our most popular classes repeat each quarter, while others are seasonal.

Our classes meet in a customized online classroom, designed specifically to meet the needs of Brave Writer. Only registered students and the instructor have access to the classroom to ensure your privacy. Assignments and reading materials are posted by Brave Writer instructors each week (no additional supply fees necessary, unless otherwise indicated). Either you (homeschooling parent) or your child (homeschooling student) will visit the classroom daily at your convenience to read helpful information about the current topic or to find the writing assignment. We operate "asynchronously" (which means that the discussion is not live, but that posted information remains available to you in your time zone at your convenience). Instructors check the classroom throughout the day to answer questions and give feedback on writing.

Writing is done at home and then typed into the classroom, and shared with both the instructor and other classmates. You're not required to be online at any specific time of the day. We have students from all over the world participating in our classes so "live" discussion is impossible. Instead, the online classroom enables the instructor to post information and assignments when it is convenient to the instructor. Then, when it is convenient for you, you come to the classroom and read the latest postings.

Instructor feedback to student writing is offered for all participants to read. Writing questions are welcomed and encouraged! That's the point of class. We aim to give you immediate support as you face writing obstacles.

Brave Writer takes seriously the need for encouragement and emotional safety in writing. No student is ever at risk of being humiliated or mistreated. All online dialog is respectful and supportive of your child's process. This is the core of Brave Writer philosophy. You can read about Brave Writer values here.

What makes our program especially unique in the world of online education is that we value a corporate experience. Rather than teaching your child in a tutorial format, we prefer students to have the opportunity to both publish their work for an audience (other students) and also to have the chance to read other student writing. In no other setting is this possible. Schools-in-buildings rarely have students read each other's work. Homeschooled children are rarely in a classroom environment to begin with, so the opportunity to read peer-writing is nil.

Our classes provide an utterly unique experience in the world of writing instruction. Since most writers grow through emulation of good writing, it is a real advantage to Brave Writer kids to get the chance to read the writing of their fellow home-educated peers. They love it! They get to examine and internalize other ways of writing, analyzing and expressing ideas similar to their own. They have the chance to validate and cheer on their peers. And of course, the best part of all is that they receive the praise and affirmation of kids just like them.

Not only that, all instructor feedback is posted to the classroom for all students to read. That means your kids get the benefit of instructor comments on many papers, not just their own. We've noted that this style of instruction is especially effective and hope you'll agree!