🐱 The worlds of cat clans in the Warriors series.

🐉 Dragon dens from Wings of Fire.

⚡️The mythological world of Percy Jackson.

Great stories need a home.

Got a child who loves 

  • Building in Minecraft or Roblox? 
  • Role-playing board games?
  • Fandoms like Star Wars?
  • Casting their siblings in their imaginary games?
  • A specific time in history?

Then you have a budding worldbuilder on your hands!

Class Overview

Made With You in Mind

Middle-Earth. Narnia. Wakanda. These places are alive to those who love those stories. 

Not by chance! A master worldbuilder strategizes, plans, and maps out their fictional world. It’s the creative prep work that gives the story a chance to grow inside of it.

Worldbuilding gives your child (ages 9-14) the chance to unleash their imagination and create a living, breathing world of their own—from scratch!

We’ll begin by investigating favorite worlds to uncover how worldbuilders hook our interest and transport us to parts unknown. Each week, your kids will explore a new facet of worldbuilding and then practice applying this knowledge to their own world.

When class is done, your child will have a portfolio-worthy collection of material —freewrites, lists, timelines, and drawings—to use to write a story, develop a role-playing campaign, or create a board game.

Worldbuilding will appeal to artists, writers (reluctant and prolific), and list-makers who love to organize information. All will find something appealing in this process.

We hope your child will join us on this worldbuilding adventure!

Week by Week

Week One

Time for a worldbuilding treasure hunt! Students explore different types of worlds to see what makes them tick. They also start a “worldbuilding information hub” to gather sources, ideas, and bits of writing to use in their own worlds.

Week Two

A skilled worldbuilder can introduce details about the world naturally through storytelling, avoiding the need for long, drawn-out explanations. Students practice this skill and also map out their world’s geography. 

Week Three

Students unleash their inner historians as they make a timeline of important history/mythology for their world.

Week Four

This week leads to the secret sauce of every living, breathing world—the “people” who inhabit it! Students create individual character drawings and profiles that represent the different groups and factions that populate their world.

Registration Details

Join Us!

$199.00 per student
Recommended Ages:

9 - 14

Class Size:
25 students
Class Length:
4 weeks
Class Type:
  • Middle School
  • Upper Elementary

Select from the available class dates below to register for that session:

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Word on the Street

Before I took this class I would just start writing without a real plan. My story would start off strong and just sort of fade away because I didn't plan the rest of it. The class has helped me understand how to plan out my stories before I start writing.

Henry, 14

Do you want help with your story? Do you want to be in a class with all things magical? Do you want a great instructor?? Do you want the BEST help with your story? Then take this class!!

Andrea, 13

This class made writing fun for me. Writing isn't my favorite subject but I couldn't wait to get started on the homework assignments. 

Kristin, 14

Positive questions and feedback help me feel more confident about my work. One of my favorite parts was watching how other people let their story/world grow along with mine. I wish the class was longer, and I would definitely tell everyone about it, because any future writer should start in this class.

Merilyn, 11

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