Got a child who won’t put pencil to paper?

No words on the page means no words to grow on. 

We want our kids to write—even if it’s messy, muddled, or misspelled for now.

The first step to good writing isn’t just skill acquisition. It’s getting them to agree to write. To give it a try! 

This class makes writing a chore no more!

Prolific writers will have a ball. Reluctant writers will find irresistible, motivating activities where they can try writing on for size with no pressure! Our primary objective is to support and empower each student.

Reset your child’s relationship with writing today!

Class Overview

Made With You in Mind

If your child is new to creative writing, this is the right class. It’s a game-changer for your child’s confidence in this genre! 

While your kids are having fun, they’re also gaining richer vocabulary, flexible thinking, and a breezy introduction to formats and poetry!

This class boasts 

  • Manageable workload, plus a little structure
  • Only 3-week commitment
  • Practice having gentle deadlines
  • Friendly support from our writing coach! 

Why write “for fun”?

It’s time to dispel one of the greatest myths in education: that learning needs to feel bad to work. 

We don’t adhere to the old adage of “no pain, no gain.” 

You’d be surprised how much kids learn when they PLAY! 

Quality writing requires that loose, joyful element: 

  • Structure and play. 
  • Practice and experimentation.
  • Mechanics and expression.

In Write for Fun we balance writing practice with writing adventures that kids love. To help students discover the joy and power of their writing voices, the feedback from the instructor focuses on encouraging the content and impact on the reader rather than mechanical accuracy (spelling, punctuation, grammar). 

Week by Week

Week One

Students develop fresh vocabulary to describe objects around them this week. With new language at hand, students create original scrounged poetry. 

Week Two

This week writers take their observation skills out of the house to go on a color walk. They end the week with an exploration of the personality of a neighborhood house.

Week Three

Students break free of writing confines by investigating shape writing, contradicting established “types” in description, and using new experiences to inspire original poetry.  

Registration Details

Join Us!

$149.00 per student
Recommended Ages:

9 - 14

Class Size:
25 students
Class Length:
3 weeks
Class Type:
  • Middle School
  • Upper Elementary

Select from the available class dates below to register for that session:

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Word on the Street

The class was INCREDIBLE! The pace was perfect, the tasks were so creative & the feedback was very encouraging, personal, inspiring & constructive. Reading her feedback made my daughter want to write more!

Jen (Parent)

Thank you sooo much for such an unbelievable time, it has made me that much better at writing.

Arya, 12

I usually don't share any of my writing (ever) so this was a good chance to meet other writers and get inspiration.

Nicole, 13

I just sat down and wrote and was confident. That was a first for me, and I really believe it came from this class. 

Sierra, 15

More Information

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