Dawn Suzette Smith

Dawn Suzette Smith
Dawn Suzette Smith

Director of Publishing #

I have vivid memories of copying storybooks word for word when I was a beginning writer. I didn't know it was copywork at the time, but it started a lifelong love of writing. My home is filled with books (I had a large storybook collection before I even thought of having kids of my own) so it was no mystery when my daughter became an avid consumer of the written word. 

I have been homeschooling my two kids for the past 11 years and using the Brave Writer philosophy for six years now. As a writer myself, I thought teaching my kids to write would be a breeze. Little did I know how much guidance I would need along the way! Discovering Brave Writer was a lifesaver for teaching my kids writing in a way that honored their individual voices, which blended perfectly with the child-led Project-Based Homeschooling approach my family has used since the beginning of our homeschool adventure.

I earned my B.A. in Psychology from Humboldt State University (California) and taught in a California Title 9 High School for six years before coming home to homeschool my kids. I was the Health Department Chair and coached water polo and swimming. I have worked for many years to promote children’s connection with nature and outdoor pursuits for both physical and mental health.

In 2016 the book I co-authored, “Whatever the Weather,” was published and has helped to spread the message of outdoor fun and learning. I also created the Mud Puddles Nature Lab to help families connect with nature and bring nature study into their everyday family life. 

My writing has been featured in magazines, blogs, and online journals. My photography was used in my book, and has been featured in magazines, blogs, science presentations, and used by the National Parks Service in an interpretive display. 

Back in 2008 my family sold almost everything, loaded the rest in a tiny trailer, and moved across the continent from California to Nova Scotia. We live just a hop, skip, and jump from the beautiful, rocky Atlantic coast.