Jai Tracy

Jai Tracy
Jai Tracy

I love words. 

I love their power to stir a heart and to change a mind. I love the way words turn into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs -- all beckoning the reader on a journey across the printed page. 

Words are my jam.

At age 7, I penned my first piece, a six-line poem that made it into a local magazine. I was hooked. I wrote throughout elementary school and into high school. I paused to earn B.A. degree in psychology and then immediately headed off to the University of Missouri-Columbia to pursue a master's degree in journalism. In graduate school, I fell in love with in-depth magazine writing. I taught undergraduate students introductory journalism and realized I loved teaching, too. In 1999, I graduated with an M.A. degree with an emphasis in magazine journalism. 

The years following grad school were swift and full:  I wrote for a monthly trade magazine, got married, taught preschool, had two boys and taught college English. When my oldest son was 4, my husband and I decided to check out a homeschool conference. By the the time we left, we just knew. We started our homeschool the following fall. 

Now we are in year five and are still finding joy in homeschooling. My boys and I drink tea and pursue interest-led learning. We snuggle up to read, play lots of baseball and even do math. In the middle of it all, I still make time for words. I share stories on my personal blog and have been published on several mom blogs. 

Being a Brave Writer teacher allows me to do two of my favorites -- writing and teaching. It doesn't get any better than that. I am excited to share the writing journey with your child! 

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