Laura Stiller

Laura Stiller
Laura Stiller

I am a native Texan and a second-generation homeschooler. My parents began homeschooling back in the dark ages before the internet and when it was barely legal. My childhood was full of play forts, field trips, and a bountiful feast of delightful literature. 

I earned a BA in English from Texas A&M University where I left every football game at halftime to explore a quiet campus. My husband and I met in Aggieland and married in 2005. We enjoy escaping Texas to road trip, camp and hike our way across the country with our five children in tow. We have pitched our tent in the rain in the mountains of New England, emptied the desert sand of Utah out of our shoes, stood on the top of Appalachian peaks, and felt the Atlantic Ocean on our ankles. Fresh air and sunshine are my happy place.

We have three adventurous boys and two artistic girls. We have homeschooled since our oldest was in kindergarten in 2015. While we have found our community in a local classical co-op, our homeschool style is very eclectic. Checklists, math lessons, and formal academics take center stage for a period, while musical theater, baseball, hiking, drawing, and read-alouds become our focus during other seasons. 

Hunting for bookish treasures at library book sales is my favorite hobby. When I am not drowning in stacks of used books, I can be found playing board games with my kids, belting Taylor Swift in my car, lifting weights, knitting socks, or exploring the outdoors. I look forward to getting to know you and your child(ren) better as we dive into writing together!

Laura Stiller's Classes:

Nature Journaling
Early Elementary Family High School Middle School Upper Elementary