Rebecca Pickens

Rebecca Pickens
Rebecca Pickens

Ever since I can remember, I’ve played with words and relished the chance to put them onto paper. Equally drawn to the words of others, if I won the lottery, I’d spend every last penny buying books!

After graduating from Antioch College with a degree in psychology and cross-cultural studies, an urge to seek out sparkling real-life stories led to years of teaching and travel in Africa and Asia. On these adventures, I encountered enough colorful characters, inspiring settings, and entertaining stories to fill the shelves of my favorite indie bookstore.

In 2001, I returned to the United States and settled in Washington DC, where I worked as a grant writer for several dynamic institutions. On the hunt for a new story, my husband and I eventually left the city, moved to Northern NY, and for ten years I owned and operated a small herb farm and tended to a menagerie of goats, chickens, and sheep.

Time on the farm reconnected me with my love of writing. Immersed in rural beauty and soulful labor, writing was the outlet that best helped me process and share my impressions. This reawakening led me to work as a magazine columnist, freelance writer, and education blogger.

Now, as a homechooling mom to three young writers, my favorite days are those infused with my sons’ storytelling and poetry and punctuated with their wild illustrations.

Whether working with a young person who already has that magic urge to write, or with a reluctant writer who’d rather be doing anything else, I value the chance to meet kids exactly where they are at. Every twist, turn, setback, and success has purpose on the journey toward becoming Brave Writers!

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