Shaista Moosa Bux

Shaista Moosa Bux
Shaista Moosa Bux

Books and storytelling are an intrinsic part of me. I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t immersed in a book, or making up long, elaborate stories for my younger siblings.

I was an accidental homeschooler—I decided to dip my toes in whilst my eldest was in Kindergarten. But after that glorious year of discovering simple machines and exploring how they work, nature walks, and read-alouds of every kind, I was ready to dive right in.

Finding Brave Writer was gold—the perfect bridge to share my love of literature with my kids. Poetry Teatime became a regular event and firm favorite (sometimes for the treats, sometimes for the poetry), with Big Juicy Questions leading to some lively book discussions.

As a South African, my identity is a tapestry of cultures, passions, and personal traits that grow as more artful weaves are added. I enjoy exploring different cuisines, attempting craft projects, and writing with a view of monkeys jumping from tree to tree in the garden (with my windows safely closed!).

As well as homeschooling my kids, I organize and host book clubs for children in our co-op and write articles for our homeschooling community.

One thing that may stand out is that I wear a veil—and while you may think that this is a barrier to truly connecting with me, I can assure you that behind the curtain awaits a wholehearted committed lover of literature, eager to join you on your writing journey. After all, superheroes wear masks too!

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