Starlita Kilpatrick

Starlita Kilpatrick
Starlita Kilpatrick

I love words, words, words.
Written, spoken, sung in tune.
Words I do adore.

As a young Afro-Filipina girl growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, my mom and dad planted many seeds in me from their love of writing, good books, and all things creative! I always imagined and acted out stories, pretending to be the characters I created. That is if my nose wasn’t deeply engrossed in a mystery novel. Eventually, I would discover creative writing, poetry, and songwriting, zipping my pen through the many notebooks and journals I maintained. In high school, I studied journalism and wrote for the yearbook, in between marching with the band. My ultimate dream was to mix my love of writing and music and be a columnist for Rolling Stone Magazine, writing about Seattle Grunge music.

In college, my writing shifted to be academic-focused. I graduated with honors from Towson University, where I earned my B.S. in Sociology in 2006. I worked as a Case Manager in various settings for several years after that, in between relocating to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and marrying my Creative Hubby. Soon after I became a mama for the first time, I switched careers to become the COO of our home, and years later, we would embark on a wonder-filled homeschooling journey!

After four years of homeschooling, our style is much like gumbo. We mix a little of this with a little of that. Between the couch snuggles, captivating books, and lots of play with my children, I teach parents the Art of Babywearing, and I write to mamas on my blog The Mama Connect: All Things Mommyhood. I’m also the Preschool Columnist for Melanated Gold Homeschool Magazine. You can find me listening to music during my downtime, enjoying a warm cup of tea (in a mug with fun or inspiring words on it, of course!), or doing a DIY project in our home in New Jersey.

I look forward to sharing my love of writing with your creative and brave writers!

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