Vida Mercer

Vida Mercer
Vida Mercer
When people ask me how long I've been homeschooling, I beam. "Since always!" And it's true. My mom made the brave choice to homeschool me back in the days when it was nigh unheard of. That decision kicked off a chain of lifelong learning that I am passing on to my own fierce daughters. Homeschooling isn't just something we do; it is our way of life. 
After leaving my career in the legal field to stay home with my girls, it was the skills I acquired through homeschooling that allowed me to customize a new profession. I have authored a history book for homeschoolers in those delightfully quirky and analytical middler years, and I am honored to write and edit curricula, resources, and articles for some of the top homeschool publishers and periodicals. This has been a full-circle moment, as a writer was the first thing young me ever aspired to be. 
Here at Brave Writer®, I have the special privilege of helping children unleash their writing voices. I also teach history, literature, and more to homeschoolers through local co-ops and private tutoring, and homeschooling classes to parents through my local college's community education department. Additionally, I am a homeschooling consultant for families and businesses. My passion is helping other families experience the joys (and challenges!) of alternative education however I can. 
Some of my more writerly proclivities include collecting style manuals, words to describe places and elusive feelings, and quotes that move me. I will share one of the latter with you along with my personal marginalia:


“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”

— Thomas Mann 
"Who are these elusive 'other people' for whom writing is easy? It seems I have never met someone who was not a writer."
— Me

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