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Brave Learner Home

Our Homeschool Alliance is growing! In addition to all the great stuff you find in it now (and going forward), we are ADDING Brave Writer program coaching to our space. We're calling that new comfy place: Brave Learner Home.

  • Hungry for emotional support and creative homeschool ideas?
  • Wish you could tell the truth about your homeschool experience?
  • Looking for a mentor—someone who’s crossed the finish line, who can guide you?
  • Want to share meaty conversations with fellow home educators?

We invite you to join our alliance of homeschoolers! We’ve created a resource-rich, emotionally spacious, positive environment just for you! Watch our guided tour.

Our community and coaches care about all of you: educator, parent, and awesome adult!

Let’s get you the comfort, tools, and guidance you crave. Come on in!

Join the Brave Learner Home!

August 2020

Right out of the gate on August 1, 2020, we're welcoming a slew of new members who are eager to share with one another about the adventure of homeschooling and using Brave Writer programs.

Why Join Brave Learner Home?

  • You want to grow as an educator!
  • You're exhausted from doing everything yourself
  • You wish for guidance from homeschool veterans who've raised kids to adulthood
  • You're ready to put your homeschool dreams into practice
  • You're tired of rules and requirements for membership
  • You want freedom to explore lots of options and to decide for yourself!
  • You're ready to join a community of new friends, experts, and coaches: fellow travelers
  • You want support and guidance using our Brave Writer programs and classes

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