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  • Hungry for emotional support and creative homeschool ideas?
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  • Want to share meaty conversations with fellow home educators?

We invite you to join our alliance of homeschoolers! We’ve created a resource-rich, emotionally spacious, positive environment just for you!

Our community and coaches care about all of you: educator, parent, and awesome adult!

Let’s get you the comfort, tools, and guidance you crave. Come on in!

Why Join the Homeschool Alliance?

  • You want to grow as an educator!
  • You're exhausted from doing everything yourself
  • You wish for guidance from homeschool veterans who've raised kids to adulthood
  • You're ready to put your homeschool dreams into practice
  • You're tired of rules and requirements for membership
  • You want freedom to explore lots of options and to decide for yourself!
  • You're ready to join a community of new friends, experts, and coaches: fellow travelers

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