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Deanna says:

This is our first year of Brave Writer-ing this homeschool! First year I am not so burnt out that I don't want to get out of bed. Really. 7 years of homeschooling and this is a first. But, I was feeling a little sluggish and down.
DUH... I just need a break.
Apparently you can take a break without being totally and completely mentally and physically exhausted! You can! I can!
This is why Brave Writer is SO important. It is the answer to 'how to not hate writing.' But, moms! That is the tip of the iceberg. Down deep, under the surface, is how to not hate your life as a homeschool mom. Brave Writer has taught me grace in ALL things, patience, freedom to embrace the love of learning.

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"Building Your Homeschool Friendship Support Community"
Let's talk about how to sustain this task called homeschooling. Perhaps you live in an isolated area, or maybe you know a slew of homeschoolers but don't fit in with them. Let's talk about how to create the support for yourself you need! Even if you've got a gaggle of friends, what are some ways you can bring more energy and support into your life through your network? We've got ideas for you!


"The Big Bonanza Planning Month"
Every July, we dive head-first into planning your next year's homeschool. Here's what's awesome: we do it in a way you've never considered. We start with the personalities, interests, and strengths of your family (you and your kids). We add in the subjects and how to address them once we've got a grasp of your young charges. July also features weekly webinars where Julie and coaches trouble shoot with you. Promise: it's awesome!


"Learning How to Learn"
Join us for a real treat. Barbara Oakley, creator of the most popular Coursera course ever (Learning How to Learn) is coming to the Homeschool Alliance! She’s written a new book (coming out in August) for kids teaching them how to make the most of their learning experiences. We are so lucky to have her! She’s an international celebrity in the field of learning. Mark your calendars! Come live!


"Family Dynamics and Personality Types" with Leslie Hershberger, Relationship Consultant
In September, we're going to talk about the role of personality in the learning transaction. Leslie Hershberger is an international speaker, a trained consultant in relationship dynamics and how to lead. She is DYNAMITE and I know her work will literally transform how you understand your role in home education.

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