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College Prep Writers Bundle

We hear all the time that our students get to college and know what to do! They know what a thesis is, they know how to conduct research, they know how to analyze literature, and they cite their sources.

The College Prep Bundle features two of our programs:

  1. A manual written to and for teens that teaches them critical thinking and essay writing.
  2. Five handbooks that explore modern and classic novels—a shortcut to literary analysis!

Our bundles are made up of year-long, non-consumable PDF products. We show you how to put them together for a rich writing life! These tools can be used for more than one child at a time, particularly if close in age, and again with other children as they come of age.

Read the feature descriptions below.

Help for High School

Help for High School

Finally, a program written for teens, to teens!

Help for High School is a self-directed academic writing program.

It teaches rhetorical thinking, as well as the essay formats most commonly assigned in high school and college.

Inside are:

  • Fifteen modules of writing instruction
  • Six exercises that build critical thinking skills
  • Nine lessons that teach the two key essay formats
    • Exploratory Essay (open form)
    • Persuasive Essay (closed form)
  • Instruction in writing thesis statements and conducting research
  • Helpful directions for how to paraphrase and cite expert opinion
  • Samples and models for feedback are included

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The Slingshot guides teens in literary analysis of classic and contemporary literature.

Even if your teen has never analyzed literature before. . . We’ve got you—and your college-bound teens—covered!

Our year-long program is delivered in five month-long lesson plans—you select either the classic or the contemporary list. 

Each handbook is based on a novel and immerses your teen in the world of:

  • literary analysis
  • historical context
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • and book club parties

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Click here for a sneak peek of our products. Our year-long bundles are beautifully designed, non-consumable and meaty! Not to worry—we'll hold your hand with lots of guidance so that implementation is a breeze! Download and print the samples or view them on your tablet.

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or Purchase Individual Items

Customize your program to suit your family and needs! Each of the three programs can be purchased individually. Create your customized program using recommended resources below.

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Help for High School


Help for High School is a self-directed writing program for teens that prepares them for college writing. It teaches critical thinking as well as the expository essay (persuasive and exploratory). Models and criteria for feedback included. If you have older students who haven't learned the essay, start here.

(ages 13-14)

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$99.75 $79.00

The Slingshot is a literature program for juniors and seniors in high school. Five monthly handbooks paired with five classic or five contemporary novels (select a list) teach literary analysis, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling, and literary devices. Comprehension questions and book club ideas are included.

(ages 15-18)

Online Classes

Our online classes are wonderful supplements to our written programs. Each class lasts between 3–6 weeks.

Some recommended online classes for College Prep Writers include:

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