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We've composed a FAQ with answers to the most common questions we receive in email and on the phone. If your answer is not listed below, follow our directions for how to email.

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1. 2024-2025 Quill, Dart, Arrow, Boomerang, and Slingshot Subscribers

Your subscription encompasses all nine issues (five issues for Slingshot). You are added to a private folder on the Brave Writer® website (home page, upper right corner to log in. You will receive an email notification with a link. You will create a password for your account. You will log in and download to your computer:

  • The current issue
  • Guidelines (for Dart, Arrow, Boomerang, and Slingshot—Quill includes guidelines in each issue)
  • Permission to print
  • Rights reserved

Each month on the first, the new issue will be posted in the same folder (on the 15th of the month prior to the scheduled book—so the September issue will publish on August 15, the October issue will publish on September 15, and so on). SET A CALENDAR REMINDER so you don't forget to log in and pick up your new issue.


For a list of topic titles, go here:


For a list of the book titles, go here:


2. Online Class Registration and Class Selection Information

Fall 2024 online writing class registration is open at noon ET on July 22nd, 2024. Winter/Spring 2025 class registration opens:

  • Monday, December 2nd, 2024 (12:00 PM Eastern)

Read descriptions of our classes. Scroll to see them.

Learn how classes work. 

Read our Registration Policies (and cancellation policy) before registering. 

Brave Writer® 101: Guided Writing Process is the right place to start if you are NEW to Brave Writer® and your child is 9-14.

If you are starting high school writing, join us! Our most popular high school classes are:

Paying with Charter School Funds: 

  • YOU register for the class(es) you want using our registration form. Do not have your school register for you.
  • Select "charter school" at the point of sale (purchase) and enter the name of your charter school.
  • No payment required at time of registration.
  • Save your email confirmation.
  • Submit it to your charter school to request payment to Brave Writer®.
  • Charter school submits a purchase order to Brave Writer® before class starts to this email address: ([email protected])
  • Brave Writer® invoices your charter school.

3. Curriculum Purchases

Digital products are delivered via email. All of our products are digital. The email address you used to pay for the product is where the SEPARATE email has been sent. Click on the download link and save the product to your computer in a place you can find it again.

Charter School funds may be used to purchase curriculum. Send a Purchase Order request to: [email protected]

4. Brave Learner Home

Brave Learner Home is our community space for coaching on homeschool issues and Brave Writer® products and classes. Join us!

5. Speaking Requests for Julie Bogart

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The Brave Writer® Team

Standard FAQ #

If I have limited funds, which is a better choice to make: Brave Writer® 101: Guided Writing Process (the online class) or Growing Brave Writers (downloadable file)?

Brave Writer® 101: Guided Writing Process is better at giving the support and accountability that help many moms get over the hurdle of teaching writing. If you find that you want to make time to teach writing, but never get around to it, a class will ensure that you keep that commitment to yourself and your kids. It's the "hand-holding" approach to becoming your child's best writing coach. I always recommend a class, as a first choice, if you have to pick one.

Growing Brave Writers, however, offers the possibility of going at your own pace. It gives you a wealth of material not found in an online class, and it is a constant resource you can turn to again and again since you will own it. If you feel you need to soak in the Brave Writer® philosophy, like the idea of testing the waters for yourself, enjoy going at your own unhurried pace, or want to reinforce what you've already learned in a class, Growing Brave Writers is the ticket!

Where do I start? There's so much information to absorb!

A cornerstone to the Brave Writer® philosophy is to do "one thing" at a time.

Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to figure out how many good things you can do. Instead, pick the "one thing" that is most tempting, most captivating, most interesting to you.

  • Sign up,
  • order,
  • read,
  • apply whatever that "one thing" is until you are certain you have milked it for all its worth.

Then once you have successfully used a month's worth of Arrow material (language arts) or have successfully executed a Poetry Teatime (Brave Writer® Lifestyle) or have worked through the Essay Writing 101: Analytic Essay, you'll be ready to add "one more thing" to your life.

Remember: depth over breadth, enjoyment over struggle, commitment over clutter.