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Beginning Writers Bundle

Kids grow naturally from fluent speakers to powerful writers when they have developmentally appropriate tools and an enthusiastic partner to guide and support them.

You're that partner; we've got the tools.

In the Beginning Writer’s Bundle, we combine three interlocking programs for a year of essential language arts and early mathematical concepts:

  1. An easy-to-use manual to help you teach your kids how to write.
  2. Monthly handbooks that pair with picture books to entice children to playfully engage with reading, writing, and math! See the Quill description box below for the themes covered in each list: Frog or Hedgehog.
  3. A program of monthly oral and writing projects that capitalize on your child's big vocabulary and your ability to jot it down.

Our bundles include year-long, non-consumable PDF products. We show you how to put them together for a rich writing life! These tools can be used for more than one child in your family at a time, particularly if close in age, and again with other children as they come of age. Read the feature descriptions below.

Growing Brave Writers

Growing Brave Writers

Put away the red pen! Most programs tell students what to write. We show them how to write.

Growing Brave Writers is the essential training you need to be the delightful writing coach your children deserve. End writer’s block!

Together, you and your kids will:

  • play oral and writing games
  • grow a rich vocabulary
  • do research
  • freewrite (unblocks your blocked writers)
  • revise (brand new material)
  • edit (two strategies your kids will embrace)
  • polish fiction and nonfiction writing

Empower your kids to feel good about writing.

22 years, 100,000 students, 191 countries—we know what works!

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Grab your books and pencils! The Quill is our revolutionary product that puts joy at the center of reading, writing, and math for the youngest crowd.

Our year-long program is delivered in 10 month-long lesson plans.

Each handbook explores essential reading, handwriting, and math skills through a theme:

  • wordless picture books
  • riddles and jokes
  • art
  • wild animals
  • transportation
  • cooking
  • poetry

. . . and more!

Lay a great foundation in reading, writing, and math now!

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Jot it Down

Jot it Down

Welcome to the joy of writing without requiring your child to lift a pencil!

Jot It Down offers a collection of delightful activities:

  • Writing fairytales
  • Going on scavenger hunts in art museums
  • Designing a photo journal
  • Writing a mini book about animals
  • Setting up a mail system in your house
  • Creating posters, lists, and exploring the world of numbers
  • Drawing a full sized body shape and filling it with words
  • Three sorts of parties
  • Not to mention poetry, music, recitation, and oral games!

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Brave Writer Sampler

New to our program?

Click here for a sneak peek of our products. Our year-long bundles are beautifully designed, non-consumable and meaty! Not to worry—we'll hold your hand with lots of guidance so that implementation is a breeze! Download and print the samples or view them on your tablet.

Brave Writer has served over 100,000 families, over 22 years, in 191 countries.
We know what works!

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Sampler Image Sampler Image Sampler Image Sampler Image

I can not say enough about this program. It has influenced the way we study all of our subjects. Our homeschool is better for it. I highly recommend this program!

Kristin Wright

or Purchase Individual Items

Customize your program to suit your family and needs! Each of the three programs can be purchased individually. Create your customized program using recommended resources below.

Growing Brave Writers image

Growing Brave Writers


Growing Brave Writers is the essential training you need to be the effective writing coach your children deserve. While other programs focus on what to write, Growing Brave Writers teaches children how to write. End writer's block!

(ages 8-18)

Quill image


$149.00 $129.00

The Quill is our brand new, revolutionary product that puts joy at the center of literacy in reading, writing, and (wait for it) mathematics!

Delivered in ten handbooks, one per month, your children will learn the essential critical thinking skills that enable them to be great readers, writers, and calculators. Turn pre-literacy into play!

(ages 5-7)

Jot it Down image

Jot it Down


Jot It Down! provides ten month-long writing projects such as, letters, fairytale narrations, posters, mini-books, lists, writing about numbers, and body art. Guidance for poetry recitation, word play, nature study, art appreciation, music, and movies included.

(ages 5-7)

Online Classes

Our online classes are wonderful supplements to our written programs. Each class lasts between 3–6 weeks. For this age group, we enroll you, the adult, with your child so that you can read and post on the child’s behalf.

Some recommended online classes for Beginning Writers include:

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