The first thing people say about an essay: it’s five paragraphs. 

But five paragraphs of WHAT? Will your teens know what to put IN the format?

Essay writing at a scholarly level requires

  • Robust vocabulary
  • Mental agility
  • Sophisticated analysis
  • Insight generation

This class takes your teen beyond snap judgments and puts gas in their tank for writing. Because the first step of writing an essay is knowing you have something worthwhile to say!

Class Overview

Made With You in Mind

Essay Prep: Dynamic Thinking grows your teens into critical thinkers. 

Academic discourse requires the writer to know what they think, and why. This critical element of essay writing is overlooked when we over-emphasize formats. 

Most writing programs expect kids to jump from early childhood writing to academic writing with little to no help. Our Essay Prep series bridges that gap. These exercises and writing processes can be used again and again as your teens move into high school and beyond!

Here, your teen will develop the rhetorical imagination needed to embark on deep thinking before they are called to write essays. No more "blank page, blank stare" syndrome!

In this class, students will:

  • reflect on the controversial nature of a topic for writing
  • associate ideas using metaphor and analogy
  • identify their true perspective on a topic
  • believe and doubt the same argument, to grow their minds
  • create a final project synthesizing writing from the class

This class is utterly unique in the world of writing instruction. Join us!

It’s a hard, cruel world? Not here!

At Brave Writer®, we recognize that tween and teen writers have a tentative confidence that can be crushed just as easily as when they were novice writers.

We take seriously the need to protect and nourish a student's original writing voice, while also gently coaching that student to develop a sophisticated investigation of academic topics.

Your reluctant, neurodiverse, or anxious writers will feel welcome in our space! 

Our Essay Prep classes are designed for 8th to 10th graders or older high school students who've had little experience with academic writing.

The Essay Prep series provides a foundation for the Essay Writing 101: Analytic Essay class and ought to be taken first if your kids have never studied the essay form. The classes in this series are designed to be taken in any order. We recommend completing all three classes in the series before moving on to the essay class.

Audio Tracks Available!

You've been asking for a way to support your struggling readers, and we heard you loud and clear! You have the option to add on audio tracks of all class readings for $49. Your child can now listen as they read, strengthening those developing reading skills and deepening understanding!

Week by Week

Week One

True Truth. Students use the technique of freewriting to get to the heart of what they really want to say. This activity focuses on narrowing a topic and finding the underlying themes associated with one’s experiences.

Week Two

Powerful Association. Students associate their words with other images, ideas, and experiences to expand communication power. They’ll finish the week by choosing messages to relate through shared associations in a short writing piece.

Week Three

Exploring Viewpoints. This week, students explore multiple viewpoints in a novel way as they come alongside varying perspectives on controversial issues in an attempt to understand them better. 

Week Four

Collage Writing. Students’ final projects incorporate bits of writing and ideas from the exercises in this course to create a fresh work called a collage.

Registration Details

Join Us!

$249.00 per student
Recommended Ages:

13 - 18

Class Size:
25 students
Class Length:
4 weeks
Class Type:
  • High School

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Word on the Street

I really had fun with the writing exercises. This has really helped me open up my creative senses in writing that I didn’t even know I had.

Lydia, 15

My views on writing have changed almost entirely because of this course.

Elijah, 14

I have less self-doubt now. Before I didn’t even try writing because I thought that every idea or thought I had was rubbish and wrong and not worthy of putting on paper. 

Kellen, 16

I’m getting pumped up to get better at writing. I like writing a lot more because I can progress at it instead of being stuck at square one.

Martha, 16

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