Is the weather just too good to be tied to a desk? 

But you see all the other homeschool families crackin’ the books? 

We have the solution for you. Nature Journaling!

For you: 

  • accountability for a strong start
  • substantive deliverables under your belt
  • partnership with a writing coach

For them: 

  • countless mysteries and surprises in the world
  • time with family and friends
  • exercise and fresh air!

Never fear! School is in session, even if it doesn’t look like it. 🌻

Class Overview

Made With You in Mind

This class exposes children to earth science, art, math, and the benefits of physical education. 

Plus, Nature Journaling plants the seeds of other academic skills. The kind they’ll grow and nurture through middle school and high school—until they bloom in college one day! 

Those ‘seeds’ include

  • Acting as questioners and observers
  • Harnessing the authority of scientific language
  • Doing research 
  • Choosing which details are relevant to share or sketch
  • Being an expert! They are the authoritative source on their local park or pond

Our class will bring A NEW VISION to the neighborhood for your kids. Paying attention in this new way will bring to light the mysteries and surprises of the world in their own backyards. 

What's a Family Class?

Nature Journaling is what we call a "Family Class." Your children are enrolled in the class and will be the ones doing the activities. The adult at home interacts with the instructor directly in the classroom, posting student writing and asking questions on how best to facilitate writing. We'll guide you on how to partner with your particular writers and grow your skills as a writing coach!

Week by Week

Week One

Families set up their nature journals and build keen observation skills by investigating in the backyard. 

Week Two

Students explore different journaling styles and expand their observation skills as they head to a new location. 

Week Three

Families head out for a “journaling while hiking” experience and dive into ways to enrich their writing experience in the form of field guides and other descriptive writing.

Week Four

Participants spend the final week exploring ways to keep the journaling habit going and celebrate the rich and meaningful writing project they’ve produced over the last weeks.

Registration Details

Join Us!

$229.00 per family
Recommended Ages:

9 - 18

Class Size:
25 families
Class Length:
4 weeks
Class Type:
  • Early Elementary
  • Family
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Upper Elementary

Select from the available class dates below to register for that session:

Sarah Kerr   Registration opens Jul. 22nd at noon ET

Word on the Street

I plan to repeat many of the assignments throughout the year, in different seasons or different landscapes.  I would love to see if I can include one day when we travel to different locations as well


I learned that I feel more connected to myself, my children, my world when taking the time to be curious. 


What a beautiful 4 weeks. I'm so sad that it’s over. I enjoyed all the assignments and all the ideas that you gave us. Journaling is definitely something that I will keep doing with my girls.


A big idea I've learned from the journal entries is that writing is about noticing details. I also learned that writing doesn't have to be a freewrite or writing sentences, but that finding valuable phrases or words also constitutes the art of writing. 


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