Your child writes. You notice dull sentences and spelling mistakes. So you try to help.

That child wilts.

Now you’re stuck.

Do you ask yourself:

  • How to help your writer without crushing them?
  • What’s worth fixing and what isn’t?
  • How to find something good to say that’s genuine?
  • What will happen if I let X slide this time? Will they EVER learn?

This step in the writing process is the part parents struggle with the most! Let us walk you through the revision process, so you can do it at home with confidence.

Class Overview

Made With You in Mind

Warm up your typing fingers—this class is for you! Learn the techniques our coaches use and give constructive feedback directly on your student’s writing.

In this class, you, the parent, will:

  • Lead concrete revision practices with your child
  • Learn from our coach what to notice, what to ignore
  • Finish class with step-by-step approaches to use again and again

Your kids will:

  • Use familiar story elements to see their writing in a new light
  • Change up their writing with playful, no-pressure exercises
  • Get positive experiences revising without pain—no more tears!

Press the RESET button on your relationship over writing. Become the skilled partner and ally your child needs.

Can’t auto-correct handle this?

At Brave Writer®, we see revising and editing as two distinct, separate processes.

Editing is fixing spelling mistakes, run-on sentences and punctuation. Fixing up the handwriting, straightening the indentations. Polishing and proofreading. 

Revision is part of the creative process, literally RE-VISIONING the initial draft to make changes to the content and/or how it’s written. 

  • Swapping in a new, more apt word
  • Changing a character
  • Enhancing the setting with some juicy details
  • Making a plot point more clear
  • Adding a thrilling opening hook

A lot of parents aren’t sure how to guide their kids through this process. Let us take the stress out of the revision for your child and for you!

Wait, this is a parent class?

Traditional approaches to writing would have you scribble a couple of suggestions and—poof!— your kids would be able to fix up their own writing. 

The truth is, writing needs substantive, nourishing feedback to grow.

Brave Writer® cares about making YOU an effective writing coach for your kids. You will enroll with one or more kids to gain these coaching skills under the supervision of our trained instructors.

Brave Writer® 101 is the foundational class for your family if you are new to Brave Writer® with kids ages 9-14. You’ll experience the writing process soup to nuts with your kids with the meaningful support of a writing coach.

Familiar with Brave Writer® but dreading revision? Sign up for Brave Writer® 102 today!

Week by Week

Week One

You’ll partner with your child to rethink the role of revision in writing. Spoiler alert: Revision is the favorite part of the process for most writers! We’ll prime the pump with a series of freewrites to revise later.

Week Two

We surprise young writers with an activity that gives them permission to lie! It’s about understanding the power of seeing your original writing through a challenging lens.

Week Three

Students move beyond the realm of words to bring visuals into the revision process as they work on our unique re-vision board activity all week.

Week Four

Families build on the popular "Snip and Pin" practice learned in Brave Writer® 101. Includes five strategies for revision that take a freewrite from dull to compelling to read. Students leave class with a roadmap on where to take revision from here.

Registration Details

Join Us!

$199.00 per student
Recommended Ages:

9 - 14

Class Size:
25 students
Class Length:
4 weeks
Class Type:
  • Middle School
  • Upper Elementary

There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled for this class.

Word on the Street

Even though my role was to be my son's coach, in the end, he was doing some writing on his own. I am really proud of him and grateful to [our coach] for her wise insights!


I saw my son, who always struggles, shine. The biggest payoff was when he told me, "Mom, I think writing is my best subject." Those are words I never thought I'd hear!


Today the collage pictures continued to bring enormous amounts of content, adding imagination and vivid description to his original freewrite. He did so well and his natural sense of humor was evident in this writing piece again. It’s so exciting to see this skill blossoming. 


I really liked the class. I love these writing and revising strategies. Our favorite revision was the "Lie Revision'. My student definitely got into it. It was so much fun for him!


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