We’ve cracked the code!

Literary analysis has a reputation for being a slog. But we’ve figured out how to bust the boring book syndrome: We give your teens a chance to pick the title and uncover why it matters to THEM!

Every offering of this class will include a choice of books based on a theme—pick the one you’d like to use for the class. Our reading selections always include a variety of appealing formats and reading levels in the high school range.

Watch and see the difference when “required reading” turns into “inspired reading”!

Class Overview

Made With You in Mind

Did you know that reading can also help you WRITE better?
Finally—this is a class that does it all! Lots of writing practice inspired by in-depth literature study.

This class does double duty as we teach teens to

  • Navigate more complex texts (hello, college!)
  • Move beyond surface-level comprehension
  • Use effective creative devices in their writing
  • Make connections to the ideas teens care about

Traditional literary analysis has focused on simple comprehension questions or “find the symbolism” searches. There’s no point in questions like those in the age of ChatGPT.

We go deeper with out-of-the-box assignments that inspire students to create work that’s original and unique.

Each week of this class is centered around a Big Question, the type that scholars ask about books.

The themes we're digging into this fall!

"Identity" (Oct 7 - Nov 1, 2024)

Choose a title (and grab a copy of the book to read!):

"Community and Friendship" (Nov 4 - Dec 3, 2024)

Choose a title (and grab a copy of the book to read!):

Your student will follow this reading schedule:

  1. Read the first 1/3 of the book before starting on Week One assignments
  2. Read the second 1/3 of the book before starting on Week Two assignments
  3. Finish the book before starting on Week Three assignments

At Brave Writer®, we read a range of books that address a wide variety of perspectives and include time-bound references. Please be aware that you may experience strong reactions to what you read. By using literature as a teaching tool to foster understanding and growth, we have the opportunity to discuss these evolving ideologies.

We encourage you to pre-read books to determine their appropriateness for your family and to prepare to have discussions on these topics with your students as they participate in the class.

Discussion in this class includes use of a private Padlet board.

It doesn’t stop there!

The exercises from this class can be saved and re-used by you at home. You can work your way through other books on the list or use this as the structure for a book of your choice.

All our titles are also offerings in our Boomerang store (older titles can be found in our Old Brave Writer® Favorites section). As an optional extension of learning, purchase the Boomerang to explore grammar, punctuation, spelling, and more literary devices based on the book.

Week by Week

Week One

Students explore the ways personal experiences, memories, education, and beliefs interact with the author's text. After analyzing a chosen passage each week, they emulate particular authorial techniques in an original writing activity.

Week Two

Book analysis is taken to a deeper level this week as students define and explore subtext. Close reading includes examination of the particular voice and perspective an author chooses to communicate. 

Week Three

Making conscious connections between text and one’s own experience is the focus of this week. Analysis includes examination of the impact of the book and theme on a personal, community, and societal level.

Week Four

Students choose elements of writings from Weeks One-Three and incorporate them into a final writing project that examines the evolution of thought throughout the class and reflects on the relevance of the book and its themes to students' lives today.

Registration Details

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$239.00 per student
Recommended Ages:

13 - 18

Class Size:
25 students
Class Length:
4 weeks
Class Type:
  • High School

Select from the available class dates below to register for that session:

Hanne Bjornstad   Registration opens Jul. 22nd at noon ET

Word on the Street

I learned so much about different writing techniques and tricks that I'm really excited to use in my own writing!

Amira, 14

I feel like I understand more about literature and understand writing as a whole.

Alan, 14

Throughout class, I felt myself becoming more confident in my abilities because we were encouraged to borrow from the greats.

Amy, 15

[A]fter learning about all the different ways to analyze reading, I am starting to subconsciously point out the different things I learned over the weeks.

Sora, 16

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