Brave Writer Summer Camp

Brave Writer Summer Camp

Brave Writer Summer Camp!

Help for Homeschooling Parents Across the Curriculum



Our Brave Writer camp is designed for homeschool parents like you who need a little extra boost of support!

The day-long camp is packed with useful information about

  • homeschooling
  • writing
  • all things Brave Writer

Summer Camp is over (and the discount code has expired) but you can watch the REPLAYS below!

Summer Camp Handbook #

Our Online Summer Camp comes with a free digital PDF handbook that has all the details for how to participate (even games for your kids!).

Free Webinars #

Online Classes: Writing is the Key to Learning Any Subject (Kirsten Merryman)

Not only is writing a subject area unto itself, we consider writing the key to unlock learning across the curriculum. Whether science, history, grammar, Shakespeare, art, or current events, online writing classes create the richest and deepest learning experiences in any school subject. Let Kirsten Merryman (Director of Online Classes) show you how.


Brave Learner Home: The Resources and Community You Need (Julie Bogart)

None of us can go it alone. Parenting and home education depend on strong support: from friends, and from veteran educators who’ve gone before. Inside Brave Learner Home, the more than 12,000 members have access to ready-made unit studies across the curriculum, as well as coaching materials to help them be better parent-educators. Join Brave Writer founder, Julie Bogart, to learn more about this homeschooling resource center and community like no other!


For Kids! Author Melissa Wiley Reads Aloud! (Melissa Wiley)

The incomparable Melissa Wiley (children’s novelist and homeschool veteran of six) will read aloud to us! She's got a new book in the works and she'll share a bit from it with your kids! Melissa has been writing children’s books since 1995, including her Brave Writer featured books, The Prairie Thief and The Nerviest Girl in the World


Brave Writer Products: Unlocking Learning Through Literature (Dawn Smith)

Whether fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or fantasy, literature opens doors to a wide range of school subjects and learning adventures. Discover how grammar, punctuation, spelling, and literary devices can be taught naturally, while also inviting children into science, history, math, geography, and imagination. Dawn Smith (Director of Publishing) shares how!


Raising Brave Learners and Critical Thinkers (Julie Bogart)

You have what it takes to not only raise great kids, but to bring joy, vitality, and skill to each aspect of learning. Once you understand the interconnections between all the school subjects and the vital role of self-expression in each, you'll be ready to naturally guide your children into a cherished childhood and deep educational experience (whether you homeschool or not!). Join Julie Bogart (creator of the Brave Writer program) for a final “send-off” talk to launch your school year.


Special Offer #

We have a special offer for you! When you purchase $198.00 worth of curriculum OR online classes, you will be automatically added to our special homeschool community called: Brave Learner Home. Your qualifying purchase provides you with a lifetime membership!