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Featured Lesson: Back to Homeschool

Back to Homeschool

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Summer break is winding down. It's time to sharpen those #2 pencils and get serious. With serious school assignments! And a serious school schedule!

Hold on a minute...!

That sounds like the Upside Down of Brave Learner Home. Let's turn it right side up!

It's certainly a time of year when parent-educators feel pressure to make their children learn. Yet you can move from the playfulness of summer into an academic fall without abandoning the perks of homeschooling.

In this Master Class, you’ll learn how to transition back to homeschool and keep the properties of the home. We have practical tips, a six-week start-up plan, a bingo card, and a podcast to start your new homeschool year while also keeping the peace and comfort of home in your homeschool.

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