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Learning to Write At Home

Brave Writer Home Study Courses are designed to provide your homeschooling family the greatest amount of writing instruction with the most flexibility for you and your schedule. The Writer's Jungle is a complete writing manual that offers you the guidance you need for teaching your own children to write (pre-writing through competent adult). Help for High School is written for the self-directed teenager who wants to master rhetorical thinking skills and the expository essay format.

We provide these resources so that you can become the most effective writing coach/ally your children will have for the rest of their writing lives. Even if you aren't a homeschooling parent, but want to know how to best support your child in the writing he or she does in school, The Writer's Jungle and Help for High School can give you the practical tools and advice you need to confidently help your kids succeed in writing.

One of the benefits of using a Brave Writer Home Study Course is that Brave Writer provides support. Anyone who purchases the Brave Writer curricula is free to ask for ongoing help in executing the processes outlined in these materials. Julie discovered early on that the biggest problem with writing manuals is that they provided no access to their creators, thus, when a problem arose, the homeschooling parent would "shelve" the manual and begin the search again for another resource. Brave Writer anticipated that problem by creating a discussion forum for mothers so they can help each other (and so Julie can answer questions). Also, you are free to contact Julie directly via email.

Both courses are written and created by Julie Bogart.