About the Brave Writer Retreat

July 13-15, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio #

I invite you to my big summer party! We’re going to play, learn, and relax—all 125 of us. My team and I are cooking up a plan that will pamper you and empower you, so you’ll return home with a turbo boost of energy for your family and their education.

In August, one of our Brave Writer moms coined a term to describe the community we’re building: "Brave Schoolers." We’re an eclectic group of parents, custom-designing our homeschools to be as unique as each of our families.

The "Be Good to You" conference is all about nourishing that brave commitment—giving you practical tools to bring into your homeschools, while casting a vision for how to work with the ebb and flow of your daily routine, your children’s interest level, and your passion for preparation.

In addition to shoring up your homeschool skills, you deserve a break. The “Be Good to You” retreat is foremost a time to recharge yourselves. We will eat good food, laugh a lot, and take walks around the gorgeous acreage at the Centennial Barn. You’ll have time for reflection and quiet so that you’ll go home refreshed, not just stimulated.

It's about time we all got together for a party, don't you think? Enough with the endless curriculum shopping and the dogged attempt to master any one homeschool philosophy. The “Be Good to You” Retreat is your chance to unwind, to own your homeschool choices, and to refuel for the year ahead. I look forward to meeting you! (And hugging you.)

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