Webinar: Brave Learner Book Club 3: The Four Forces of Enchantment

Julie goes even deeper into how to use the Brave Learner Super Powers to create the homeschool you desire. 

The key to it all? 

"Explode the box" you keep trying to put yourself in as part of your laudable desire to "get it right"! Your job isn’t to do it right, it’s to DO it.

Some takeaways:

  • Cater to your personality; give yourself permission to imagine your personality in new conditions
  • Honor your Self from the space of how things WORK for you. If you love systems and lists, find a way to work with yourself so you still like yourself at the end
  • Show up as yourself. Be the uptight anxious person you are if you need to be. Be yourself, and give yourself permission to have the homeschool you’ve been wanting. Prepare, execute, enjoy and reminisce.
  • Don’t feel you have to do Surprise, Mystery, Risk and Adventure all at once. Pick one and see what happens. Treat it like an experience; don’t worry if it flops. 
  • Julie is not asking us to stage a Broadway level play to get a child to do fractions. Sometimes the surprise is that you’re not mad; you’re sitting with your child and working with them.
  • Comment on things in a natural way when you are engaged in your child’s interest. Seed your own imagination so you can notice things and comment on things naturally
  • Kids need to know that you are partners and that your wellbeing does NOT depend on validation from your kids.
  • The One Thing principle is a sanity saver. Julie’s goal is to give you lots of options and then you take your time exploring things one at a time.

Remember, the Super Powers are less about "implementation" and more about opening your mind to an exploration of the possibilities. We get that can make things feel much less "concrete" when you are starting out. Who doesn't like a clear roadmap, right? 

Yet it is that opening of your mind that will ultimately set you free to make your own discoveries of how your homeschool can thrive. And—spoiler alert—the answers you discover will be so much better than any that Julie, Jeanne or I can come up with!


Listen to the audio: ( link )

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Posted March 20th, 2019
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