Poems are Teachers (Amy Ludwig VanDerwater)

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“Poems wake us up, keep us company, and remind us that our world is big and small. And too, poems teach us how to write. Anything.”—Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

April is a great month to dive into poetry. As many of you know, we have a website dedicated to making Poetry Teatime an easy, natural experience for your family. You can visit our website: poetryteatime.com and we have added two free poetry resources: Brave Writer Poetry Quick Start Guide & Poetry Books: Ideas for Every Age which you can find on the Brave Writer website at Poetry Teatime.

In addition to those resources, we're hosting the lovely Amy Ludwig Vanderwater to share with us about the power of poems as teachers.

I had the chance to interview her a few years ago and found her to be a homeschooler in disguise! She lives on acreage in upstate New York and is an avid naturalist (inspired by her husband.) Her books of poetry for children rely heavily on her affinity for the outdoors and birds.

Amy has offered to come give a workshop to our families about poetry—for you and your kids. She will help you to see how to make poetry a regular feature of your lives. We'll hear about how Amy challenged herself to write poems every week on her blog and how she explores poetry with children in elementary schools regularly!

Amy is a big Brave Writer fan and she's excited to meet all of you!

Enjoy the resources linked in this post and prepare yourself for a deep dive into poetry this month.