Farzana Minty

Farzana Minty
Farzana Minty

I grew up under the splendid South African sun and witnessed the birth of the rainbow nation.

As a child, my love for stories began in the shade of fragrant mango trees, with my mother reading fairy tales to me over lunch. I soaked up every word. Soon, I regaled my dad with my own elaborate tales of wonder and imagination. I could see that he was captivated, and I realized from a young age that my words needed to be heard.

My schooling led me along a scientific path. After graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy, I began working at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital where my love for pediatrics blossomed. Working with children showed me the open window to a child’s mind—and it was spectacular to be a part of their lives in a holistic way— providing therapy for both their bodies and their minds.

After emigrating to Canada, I continued my work as a Physical Therapist for children. My affinity for the written word drew me into the realm of writing as I became a regular contributor to the health section of a magazine. The dawn of motherhood saw me branching out and writing about pregnancy, children, and family life.

It was the birth of my daughter that re-ignited my childhood passion for literature. Cuddling her in my arms as we read Hug by Jez Alborough over and over again, her eyes wide with enchantment, set me on a new path. We began our journey of homeschooling!

Now, ten years later, with never enough bookshelves, and another pair of enchanted eyes that lights up our days, we discover the world around us. The great Canadian outdoors invites us to explore the changing landscape as the seasons unfold and wane. Every month, we gather with our friends to share our love of literature in our Arrow-inspired book club. We are dancers, artists, crafters and dreamers—always stopping to smell the flowers—or eat the snow!

My parents tell me that by the age of one, I had already memorized a slew of nursery rhymes—I think I was destined for Poetry Tea Times in my future! Our family thrives with the Brave Writer Lifestyle, and it is an honor to bring this love to other families too.

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